Each runner in the 21.1km and 10km run will receive a disposable timing chip.

Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the organizers or the WPA Office.


Minimum age for competitors:

Half Marathon: 16 years or older on race day. 10km Run: 14 years or older on race day

5km Fun Run / Walk & 10km Big Walk: Toddlers and children under the age of 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Half marathon & 10km Run athletes should wear their club colours. Full club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.

Temporary licenced athletes must run in clothing without advertising.

One race number (bib) will be issued. Registered athletes must wear their 2020 ASA licences on the front and back of their vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA licence, so that the ASA licence sponsor remains visible. Temporary licenced runners must wear the race number on the front of their vest and the temporary licence on the back.

Half marathon & 10km Run athletes not belonging to a running club and who do not own a WPA licence, must purchase a temporary licence, pay the race entry fee for an unlicenced athlete, must complete and hand in the tear off strip from the number in order to be eligible to compete.

In addition to overall (open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter.

Corresponding numerical age category tags must be displayed/worn on the front and back of their vest. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to senior.

Temporary licenced participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group and wear the appropriate age tags. Proof of age may be requested.

Juniors (born 2001 or later) wearing a junior or senior license must display age tags (”J”), to qualify for age group prizes.

Juniors will count towards Open team prizes. Juniors must provide proof of age.

Age category tags must be worn (front and back) and visible for the entire race to be eligible for any age category prize.

Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.

All licenced participants qualify for an open team prize.

All marshals and traffic officials must be obeyed. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification. The WPA Technical Officials must be obeyed at all times.

No personal seconding will be permitted except at official refreshment stations.

Time limit for the 21.1km is 3:30 hrs and for the 10km 2:00 hrs. No time limit for 5km Fun Run / Walk and 10km Big Walk.


Cut off at 18km mark will be at 09h35. A vehicle will transport the runners to finish area.

The use of music players with headphones are not allowed and may result in disqualification.

Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the organisers or the WPA office.

Wheelchair athletes must please contact the organisers timeously to discuss arrangements for their participation.

Brimstone Itheko Sport AC supports the WPA anti-litter campaign and no littering during the race will be tolerated. 

(No littering allowed 200m beyond refreshment point which will be indicated by the anti-litter campaign board). All litter to be carried to the finish.

Your co-operation in achieving this goal will be sincerely appreciated.

“Think Twice! Take the Step! Don’t Litter!”

Brimstone Itheko Sport AC supports recycling and the carrying of litter to the finish. as the objective of our race is to ensure that we recycle at least 75% of the litter produced on the route as well as at the finish.

Entrants participate at their own risk and Slave Route Challenge, Brimstone Itheko Sport AC,
WPA, ASA, City of Cape Town and all sponsors and partners will not accept any liability for any injuries, illness or
accidents occurring during or as a result of the race.